UWB Technology
the advantages of UWB for industrial challenges

UWB in Manufacturing

Cost-efficient UWB solutions applied to ultra-precise indoor positioning challenges can optimize supply chains, material flow, and industrial automation issues.

What is UWB?

A radio-based communication technology for short-range use and fast and stable transmission of data. Thanks to its precision, speed, and reliability, it’s the technology of choice for tracking assets in complex environments.

UWB Technology with Ubisense

At Ubisense we’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting a best-in-class, precision location system using Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology.

DIMENSION4™ UWB Real-Time Location System (RTLS)is the result of decades of experience delivering industrial-scale, real-world solutions that pin-point the true 3D location, movement and identity of people and things in critical processes.


UWB for Location Mapping


The advantages of using Ubisense real-time location technology.

Fast connectivity & Durable batteries

Reliable & Secure operating system

Accurate & Precise location mapping

Compatible with other technologies

Challenges UWB can solve

Every manual process suffers from one or more of these five common challenges. Ubisense SmartSpace was built to solve these.


Things can’t be located or are in the wrong place.

Two or more things are (or are not) interacting as they should be.

There are too many or too few things in a certain place.

A task has taken too long, or not long enough.

Things are happening in the wrong order.

Ubisense Solutions

Ubisense UWB technology enables secure ranging and precision sensing, creating a digital twin of your manufacturing facility.


Our Customers



More than location

Ubisense SmartSpace® lets you track any asset, from the smallest part to the largest piece of equipment, regardless of where it is in your facility.

But it’s more than just location. Automate processes using easy to configure business rules that use the real-time status, movement, sequence and interaction of assets to improve productivity, quality and safety.

  • Prevent the use of equipment overdue maintenance or calibration
  • Automate audits and tests
  • Avoid potential collisions between equipment and people
  • Use dashboards to measure utilization over time
  • Optimize stock levels eliminate shortages

5G ready asset tracking

Ubisense can track assets across entire facilities seamlessly, using any available location technology, including 5G.

In a trial project with T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom, Ubisense proved the seamless integration of 5G tracking is possible in SmartSpace.

Combing 5G real-time location data from a private LTE network for site-wide tracking, with high-accuracy Ultra-Wideband only for the zones that require it, can reduce costs, improve coverage and shorten deployment times.