Yard Management

Ubisense tracks the realtime position of workinprogress across indoor and outdoor areas and keeps systems of record uptodate

Are you looking for Transit Yard Management?

What issue does it address?

With high volumes of finished and unfinished product widely dispersed around site, it can be difficult to find and stage assets effectively. Time is often wasted searching for lost or forgotten WIP. Production resources are left idle waiting for their next job or movement waste is created by incorrect storage or staging of products.

These challenges can lead to:

  • Increased costs from inefficient use of space and resources
  • Delayed product completion and delivery schedules
  • Ageing work in progress at risk of damage or loss

What is the Ubisense Solution?

Ubisense Yard Management creates a digital twin of your indoor and outdoor yards, defining storage, work and dispatch zones and tracking the real-time movement of products through them.
Pre-configured functionality can include:
  • Maps and searches for real-time location of assets
  • Customizable alerts for ageing or misplaced products
  • ‘Snap to space’ to neatly depict location and orientation of products
  • Graphical reports for process times and space utilization

What benefits does it provide?

Ubisense is proud to work with leading organizations around the globe to help improve the storage, locating and management of physical assets providing the following outcomes:
  • Reduced capital and operational costs through better resource utilization
  • Increased productivity and reduced process cycle time
  • Elimination of search-time waste

Prioritize WIP

Yard Management from Ubisense creates a complete digital-twin of your indoor and outdoor yards.  By combining the real-time location and status of WIP with intelligence from planning systems (such as process time limits or product delivery schedules), configurable business-rules can automatically prioritise products and tasks to reduce cycle times and meet goals.

  • Prioritize search results using attributes including asset type, status, time in process and delivery schedules
  • Configure business-rules to guide colleagues and ensure processes and WIP are optimized

Create Alerts

In busy production facilities with high volumes or finished and unfinished products widely dispersed around site, WIP can be easily forgotten or lost, increasing the risk of damage or missed delivery schedules.

Ubisense Yard Management can automatically alert colleagues of misplaced or out-of-policy WIP.

  • Easily customizable alerts for ageing or misplaced products
  • Prompts for routing WIP with the option for capturing feedback notes directly in the system
Yard Management Dashboard

Managing WIP for commercial vehicles

CLAAS is a family business founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment.

The AXION 950-920, AXION 870-800, ARION 650-530, ARION 460-410 and ATOS 350-220 tractor series, which between them cover a performance spectrum from 72 to 410 HP, are currently all produced in Le Mans.

“CLAAS offers an extremely wide choice of vehicle models in order to meet the needs of modern agriculture. By adding Ubisense technology to the facility at Le Mans, we will be able to best cope with product complexity while reducing waste.”

Aldric Pavec, Production Manager, CLAAS

Included as standard

Digital map of your facility imported via drawing or CAD file.

Standard map icons for displaying common spaces and tool types.

Simple import/scale/orient functions for custom icons and photos of assets.

Define different types of assets with related properties and representation icons (e.g. product, container, vehicle).

Create virtual spaces in 3 dimensions based on pre-defined space types (workstation, store, buffer etc) plus a fixed number of user definable types.

Manually assign tags to assets via an easy-to-use web form, barcode scan or CSV import.

Neatly depict location and orientation of assets within spaces and filter out distracting noise from location data.

Pre-configured searches and alerts for popular use cases, including:

  • Not located (‘Lost’) with last known location
  • Enter or exit of defined zones (allowed or prohibited)
  • Closest asset (search for closest asset matching type and properties selected)
  • Display asset properties (picture, ID, type, reference, designation, zone, availability) in searches and text fields for users to enter comments related to assets
  • ‘Non-moving’ assets
  • Tags by battery status

Pre-configured reporting via a web client for popular use cases, including:

  • All assets by age, type and space
  • Location history and time in defined spaces
  • Tag battery status (low battery)
  • Unassociated tags with location
  • Last known asset location
  • Inventory report
  • Location history of asset by defined spaces including dwell time
  • Location history per asset over time (trail of movement overlaid on digital map)

Minimum 12-month term for cloud hosting of software. On premise option also available.


Custom built reports and dashboards based on your business requirements.

Why Ubisense

Ubisense is proud to work with leading organizations around the globe, helping improve yard management, using a wide variety of proven, real-time location system technology to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Elimination of search-time waste
  • Reduced capital and operational costs through better resource utilization
  • Increased productivity and reduced process cycle time
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