Challenges we solve

Every manual process suffers from one or more of these five common challenges. Ubisense SmartSpace was built to solve these.

Things can’t be located or are in the wrong place

Two or more things are (or are not) interacting as they should be

There are too many or too few things in a certain place

A task has taken too long, or not long enough

Things are happening in the wrong order

Location Challenges

A part is at workstation 1 and it should be at workstation 2

An automotive manufacturer wanted to avoid build errors caused by parts being delivered to the wrong workstation. By keeping track of the parts, SmartSpace was able to warn tugger-drivers when they had stopped at the wrong station and direct them to the right location.

A tool has been left on the shop floor

An aircraft manufacturer wanted to reduce Foreign Object Damage by ensuring that all tooling was returned to stores at the end of each shift. By keeping track of the location of tools, SmartSpace could automatically inventory them at the end of each shift and send a report to tool managers showing the location of each tool left on the shop floor.

An uncalibrated tool is in a workstation

An aerospace manufacturer wanted to eliminated tool calibration compliance errors causing expensive audit failures. By keeping track of all of the tools and integrating with the calibration database, SmartSpace was able to detect compliance issues and warn supervisors to intervene before the tool was used.

A product with option B is in the option A fitting area

A manufacturer of agricultural vehicles wanted to avoid configuration errors on built-to-order products caused by the wrong options being fitted. By keeping track of the location of all vehicles and integrating with the ERP system to understand the configuration ordered, SmartSpace was able to warn supervisors when a vehicle entered the wrong option-fit station.

A product is in the wrong shipping buffer

A manufacturer of small tractors wanted to eliminate load-staging errors which caused delays at the loading dock. By automatically comparing the tractors in each shipping queue with the delivery requirements from the ERP system, SmartSpace was able to identify all errors prior to shipping, creating a much more efficient loading dock and virtually eliminating shipping delays.

A crane hook is in a safety keep-out zone

A manufacturer of steel pipes needed to eliminate a safety hazard caused by collisions between crane hooks and ground equipment. By monitoring the location of the crane hook and detecting its proximity to both fixed and moving equipment, SmartSpace could take automatic control of the crane drive, halting its motion and preventing a collision.

A tool is being used in the wrong workstation

An automotive manufacturer wanted to adopt cordless tooling but still required they only be used in the designated workstation. By keeping track of the tool, SmartSpace was able to detect when it moved out of a designated workstation and automatically disable it from further use.

A piece of support equipment is not in the work area when needed

A manufacturer of military aircraft wanted to more efficiently provision ground support equipment in order to expedite flight testing and avoid missing delivery schedules. By understanding flight test schedules and support equipment requirements, SmartSpace was able to survey available equipment and provide supervisors with instructions on moving equipment to best optimize flight testing.

A trailer is at the wrong dock door

An automotive manufacturer employed a very lean parts supply chain and wanted to eliminate delivery delays which could lead to line stoppage. By keeping track of the trailers in the yard, and managing their electronic manifests, SmartSpace was able to direct drivers to the correct dock door, eliminating delays caused by misrouted trailers.

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