Aerospace MRO

Uncover and reduce invisible process waste in MRO. Ubisense provides a platform to monitor the location, flow and interaction of everything in your complex maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.

The ability to see everything, everywhere gives your existing systems the super-power to find and eliminate previously invisible process waste, increasing productivity and preventing errors.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Using digital process twins can revolutionize MRO efficiency.  Having been perfected in assembly plants across aerospace and automotive manufacturing, the concept of the Digital Process Twin can now be applied to MRO operations.

MRO operations are complex feats of motion and synchronization. Planning systems know what needs to get done, and how to do it, but they don’t know how processes are progressing in the real-world.

Ubisense closes this data gap by keeping track of the real-time location, movement, interaction and status of all critical hanger assets, and constantly updating business systems so they know when deviations occur and can re-plan to get back on track.

SmartSpace® Industries

We are proud to be a trusted adviser to some of the biggest MRO companies in the world, offering in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate and the challenges that customers face, at every level of the organisation.

Our solutions are based on our powerful, sensor agnostic SmartSpace® enterprise platform, which uses location to deliver a real-time digital twin of our customer’s physical operations, driving quality, increasing productivity, managing complexity and reducing costs.

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