SmartSpace Assembly

Gain real-time control and visibility of on-line assembly processes with a Ubisense solution that integrates with existing MES and line-side control systems.

Wired Tools

Remove cables. Keep control.

  • Increase ergonomics and error proof tasks by controlling the operation of cordless assembly tools so the right settings are used for the right products. Every time.
  • Eliminate paintwork marring by switching to fully wireless assembly tools and equipment.
  • Ensure the correct tightening sequence of critical fasteners and create a digital audit of completion.

Increase Flexibility

  • Create variable length workstations to assemble multiple product variants on the same physical line.
  • Allow intelligent work-ahead and catch-up of overrunning tasks to avoid unnecessary line stops.
  • Create overlapping workstations to increase line density and maximise the utilization of physical space.

Tool Control – Digital Tethers

Increasingly manufacturers are using wireless assembly devices to reduce the safety and quality limitations of mechanically tethered tools, such as cables causing trip hazards and marring paint or finishes on products.

Ubisense controls the operation of wireless tools by creating a digital tether between the device and workstation.

  • Control wireless tool operation in workstations without tethers
  • Easily add new wireless tools without additional infrastructure

Bolt-level accuracy for critical fastenings

Ubisense ultra-wideband sensors and the ART Verpose® vision system can locate assembly tools to within millimeters, enabling bolt-level accuracy. By precisely tracking tool position and orientation, assembly devices can distinguish between adjacent fasteners to ensure the correct tightening sequence is followed for critical operations.

  • Control tightening sequence and torque settings
  • Automatic digital audit of completed fasteners
  • Configure multiple tool zones on the same product
  • Enable multiple tightening sequences on the same line
  • Corrects for poor lighting and recessed fastenings

Automatically Match Tools to Products

The same location technology for wireless tool operation can also track products on the assembly line, enabling automatic identification of individual product variants and matching to the correct tool operation.

  • Switch from mechanical to software process triggers; add multiple and variable triggers at no extra cost
  • Eliminate wasted time from manual product identification on the assembly line
  • Increase quality and error proof tasks by controlling the activation and settings of wireless tools

Software Defined Workstations

Completely remove the constraints of fixed TAKT workstations by defining infinitely variable and dynamic work zones in software.

Produce multiple product variations on the same line, eliminate idle time waiting for the next product, and complete overrunning tasks without the risk of line stoppages.

  • Variable length workstations on the same physical line based on product variant
  • Introduce new product lines without expensive line reconfiguration
  • Temporarily extend workstations to complete overrunning tasks or allow work ahead on the next product
  • Create partially overlapping workstations to maximize the use of space
  • Allow online re-work that is controlled and tracked

Ubisense Success Story

Using the Ubisense Dimension4 real-time location system (RTLS), BMW tracks the precise 3D location of cars and tools to within 15cm, 10 times per second. This removes the need for barcode scanning; improving efficiency and error-proofing assembly tasks.

Why Ubisense

Assembly processes are often fixed and mechanically controlled, making it difficult to rapidly react to problems or build highly variable products on the same physical line.

Ubisense is the industry leader in applying location solutions to fast-moving, complex assembly lines. Our Dimension4™ sensors have been perfected to operate reliably, 24/7 for decades in the world’s most demanding factories.

  • 6 sigma reliability for precise location data
  • Proven scalability to 1000’s of sensors updating in real-time
  • IP69K rated industrial grade tags with long battery lifetimes up to 15 years
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