RTLS for Healthcare

Ubisense is becoming a leader in Real-time Location Tracking (RTLS) in hospitals and care homes due to our precise and reliable technology. Whether its for solving specific issues, or for optimizing the way entire facilities function, Ubisense brings the perfect solution to any site.

Some of the more common applications of Healthcare RTLS include:

Emergency Room Process Monitoring
Activity Monitoring
Predictive Fall Analytics
Contact Tracing
Virtual Intelligent Routines
Tracking Equipment

Emergency Room Process Monitoring

It is possible with RTLS to build up a real-time-location-driven virtual model of care processes. Any asset, person, or location can be monitored, and interactions can be recorded and even predicted. This can help ensure an efficient care giving process while ensuring all important resources are where they need to be when they are needed.

Activity Monitoring

One of the key benefits of an RTLS in healthcare is monitoring the locational behaviour patterns of patients. Recovery periods can be long and arduous, and doctors often do not get to spend as much time with patients as they would like. By tracking movement data of patients during their recovery, doctors and nurses can compare their activity with their rehabilitation plans. If a patient’s activity levels are below target, it could indicate a need for intervention.

Activity monitoring can also extend to both the home and care homes. Strategically placed screens around a home or on mobile devices can provide “life hints” to patients, especially any that may be suffering from confusion. Carers can also be alerted when at-risk patients arrive in dangerous locations or experience a fall.

Predictive Fall Analytics

Ubisense in partnership with InTec Health can help care practitioners predict the likelihood of a fall in vulnerable people, triggering preventative care and avoiding unnecessary, costly and distressing outcomes associated after a fall.

The Dimension4 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor system offers high fidelity, real-time location tracking of patient movement, hundreds of times per second. Healthcare providers can use this stream of precise movement data with InTec Health advanced algorithms to detect increased ‘randomness’ or small changes in movement of patients to indicate an increased propensity to fall before it happens.

Identify the likelihood of falls in vulnerable or recovering patients before they happen
Tests show fall prediction can be made up to 7 days in advance and with 85% accuracy
Implement preventative care and more accurately track progression or recovery from illness
Keep patients safe and better utilise the clinical and care staff time and resources

Contact Tracing

Ubisense Contact Tracing keeps people safe and operations open. Adapted to specifically support contact-tracing and social distancing in communities of vulnerable populations, InTec Health iDistance uses Ubisense Dimension4 sensors and the SmartSpace Contact Tracing platform to help limit the spread of infection, protect facilities from unnecessary closures and direct care to patients most in need.

Virtual Intelligent Routines

Healthcare providers are under extreme pressure to see more patients, perform more procedures and improve experiences while reducing the total cost of healthcare provision.

Virtual Intelligent Routines (VIR) from InTec Health are learnable routines that capture knowledge, experiences, and data that reside in isolation, diminishing workforce populations, or areas that require a higher degree of accountability.

VIR collects real-time location data to help streamline repetitive routines, aid compliance and provide powerful reporting and alerts to those who need it the most.

Tracking Equipment

Hospitals and care homes contain a lot of specialized and expensive equipment. This equipment is often shared between different locations and can often go missing. By tagging vital equipment, one can save time searching on foot, speeding up processes and ensuring that staff members always return items to their designated areas. Alerts can be set up to notify staff members when assets are stored incorrectly. In the event of theft, one can see who used an item most recently, to aid with any investigation.

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