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Contact Tracing

Ensure employee safety and accelerate return-to-work by monitoring social distancing and person-person and person-object-person contact tracing.

Ubisense Contact Tracing in action

High-confidence separation measurement

  • Tags (carried by people or attached to equipment) are precisely located in 3 dimensions to within 15cm
  • Dimension4™ RTLS stability provides high-confidence contact traces uncontaminated by the false positives of less accurate systems
  • SmartSpace® tracks contact events, not people, overtime; tag data is completely anonymized until a potential safety risk is identified

AI-driven contagion model

  • The SmartSpace® AI-driven contagion model operates well beyond simple separation measurement, using detailed models to understand movement and interaction of people over time and within the context of their environment
  • The contagion model is quickly and easily adaptable as transmission mechanisms become better understood

Differentiate between contact durations

Not all contact events are the same. Passing in a corridor has a different risk of contagion than lengthy face-to-face conversations.

Ubisense Contact Tracing can distinguish between passing, momentary contacts and more lengthy contacts.

Durations are configurable to provide flexibility based on the specific environment and incorporate latest guidelines and knowledge of a contagion.

Contact Duration
Barrier Separation

Use the environmental context

Many organizations have installed extra safety measures, such as workspace partitions and dividers, making simple device-to-device measurements of social distancing incomplete.

Ubisense Contact-Tracing can take account of the physical surroundings in which people work, avoiding ‘false-positives’ when two people are close but safely separated by a barrier.

As an optional extra, it is also possible to identify the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and adjust the recording and notifications of contact events accordingly.

Track the use of shared resources

Not all contact events occur people-to-people. Ubisense Contact Tracing can track the use of shared resources (either static or mobile) and include possible transmission events into the contact-tracing model.

Tracking the real-time location and patterns of cleaning crews and equipment also allows for dynamic and prioritized hygiene controls. Custom-defined zones are monitored based on cleaning frequency, level of real-world use and incidence of contact events to direct cleaning to where it’s needed most.

Shared Resources

Included as standard

Pre-configured (and user definable) contact distance and time thresholds.

Anonymized recording of time, location and tags breaching social distancing rules.

Pre-defined model for transmission (person-person and person-object-person), incubation and disintegration variables that are user-definable as contagion becomes better understood.

Contact tracing (from symptom date back through incubation time) to identify ‘at risk’ tag population. This is calculated using accumulated probability of infection from contagion model variables.

Real-time alerts delivered based on customer device/environment requirements (light, sound, haptic).

List of ‘at-risk’ tags (individuals and objects) if infection identified.

Anonymized contact history to identify at-risk spaces with higher incidence of contact events for potential re-configuration.

Simulations to asses potential impact on workers and spaces of a contagion event.

Single click setting between:

  • Default full model (all contact and contagion model variables activated)
  • Default simple model (contact tracing and simple transmission model)
  • Simple contact model (tracking and alerts for social distancing only)

Cloud hosting of software with remote updates available for refined contagion models as they are developed.

Solution Components

Dimension4™ RTLS for tracking movement*

  • Tags carried by people and (optionally) attached to equipment
  • Sensor base stations in the environment precisely locate tags

SmartSpace® software

  • Contagion Model AI Engine to identify possible contagion events
  • Reporting Engine for visualizing anonymized employee behavior and highlighting critical encounters
  • Aggregation database to store encounters and produce accumulated employee risk profiles

*Non-Ubisense 3rd party hardware sensors are also compatible. High-performance location systems are strongly recommended to maximise data quality.

Contact Tracing Software

UWB Tracking Hardware

UWB Tags

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