Line-Side Logistics

Optimize process flows through improved process visibility for parts, materials, and kits being commissioned, transported to the line and used in production.

Erase parts and kit shortages.

  • Automate alerts for shortages in parts and kits, and ensure that instructions are sent preemptively.
  • Link material distribution to production schedules to optimize usage.
  • Track material usage to prevent wastage and overstocking.
  • Use SmartSpace HMIs to support kit creation and perform kit inspections.

Optimize fulfilment and equipment flows

  • SmartSpace provides a flexible set of tools for recording and analysing object locations and space utilisation over time.
  • This information can be used to provide real-time situational awareness necessary to optimise logistics routes and driver order allocations.  SmartSpace can automatically monitor which routes are clear and which routes are blocked and re-prioritise fulfilments based on route availability.

Support any goods movement strategies

SmartSpace can be configured to support any desired movement strategy for goods or inventory. Policies and strategies are configured within the business rules engine of SmartSpace. 

Customers can use SmartSpace to visualise inventory status through a number of different UI capabilities, including Web Maps, Dashboards and Reports.

Digitize delivery operations and track equipment utilization

The entire logistics process is tracked in real-time with guided instructions for operators. SmartSpace shows the equipment assigned to each delivery task and controls the instructions given to the operator via a digital display. Using precise location and movement tracking, SmartSpace knows when the material handling equipment arrived at the designated pickup area.

Once delivery is complete, operators are directed to the location of their next task. If delivery is made in the wrong area, alerts will be sent and operators will be guided to the correct location.

Control inbound logistics

  • Reliably check parts from 3PL sites into storage, logging the location and quantity of all items. ​
  • Automatically inform production of the levels of inventory available, and how long it will take for a production order to be fulfilled (including time for transportation from storage to production).
  • Remove manual elements of check-in, kitting, inspection and delivery – data is automatically entered into IT systems.
  • Integrate with other tracking systems, incl. RFID, GPS, BLE, and Vision.

Control Outbound Logistics

  • Finished products are tracked as they are transported to the logistics area and their status is automatically updated.
  • No products will leave the site until SmartSpace confirms all necessary checks have been made and approves the product for delivery.
  • Order tracking and management leave a full audit trail, including product history.

Ubisense Success Story

Using the Ubisense Dimension4 real-time location system (RTLS), BMW tracks the location and movement of trolleys carrying parts and materials to the assembly line. Production stoppages due to parts shortages or delays in the delivery of parts are prevented with real-time control of the logistics process.

Why Ubisense

Assembly processes are often fixed and mechanically controlled, making it difficult to rapidly react to problems or build highly variable products on the same physical line.

Ubisense is the industry leader in applying location solutions to fast-moving, complex assembly lines. Our Dimension4™ sensors have been perfected to operate reliably, 24/7 for decades in the world’s most demanding factories.

  • 6 sigma reliability for precise location data
  • Proven scalability to 1000’s of sensors updating in real-time
  • IP69K rated industrial grade tags with long battery lifetimes up to 15 years
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