Why Supplier Location Matters for European Manufacturers Investing in Indoor Location Services

As the application of real-time indoor tracking technology has become a pivotal aspect of operational efficiency. Europe, with its rich manufacturing heritage and stringent regulatory environment, presents unique challenges and opportunities in this domain.

European manufacturing is characterized by its diversity, precision, and adherence to stringent regulations. This environment necessitates solutions that are not just technically proficient, but also culturally and legally attuned to local requirements. A Europe-based provider, with an intrinsic understanding of these nuances, is uniquely positioned to offer solutions that resonate with this specific context.

Cultural and Regulatory Alignment

The complexity of European business practices, particularly in compliance and data protection, cannot be overstated. A provider rooted in Europe inherently grasps these aspects, ensuring solutions are crafted to meet the specific regulatory and cultural landscapes of EU countries.

Privacy is not just GDPR compliance.  It also includes recognition of worker expectations.  Unions and other worker stake holders are substantially different than those found in North America and require thoughtfulness in the engineering and design phases.  When the product is designed with this in mind from the start, it is far easier to get worker stakeholders on board early.

Proximity and Accessibility

While every major supplier of indoor logistics technology will have local offices in Europe.  Access to advanced consultants and development expertise is a regular challenge.  As a general rule, the farther geographically the satellite office is from the headquarters and development teams, the less likely they are to be able to influence, escalate problems, and have informal relationships.  This is especially true for complex products.

When support involves hardware, especially critical hardware, being closer to the main supplier means local offices and in-house spare parts become less of a risk.

Trust and Long-term Commitment

In manufacturing, especially European manufacturing, there is little appetite to risk longevity for the latest, trendiest technology.  ‘Take risks and break things’ is simply incompatible with values in this market. Because purchasing decisions here will be made more carefully, there is a bias toward more capable and more technically advanced solutions that will stand the test of time, even if it costs a bit more.


The European continent is a hub of innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing sector. Being based in Europe, Ubisense is strategically positioned to tap into this rich ecosystem. It facilitates closer partnerships with academic institutions, research centres, and industry associations, enabling the company to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This, in turn, benefits EU manufacturing companies as they gain access to state-of-the-art solutions and expertise.

Currently, Ubisense is the only Gartner Magic Quadrant company in Indoor Logistics Services that is based in Europe instead of the US.