Challenges we solve

Every manual process suffers from one or more of these five common challenges. Ubisense SmartSpace was built to solve these.

Things can’t be located or are in the wrong place

Two or more things are (or are not) interacting as they should be

There are too many or too few things in a certain place

A task has taken too long, or not long enough

Things are happening in the wrong order

Sequence Challenges

A product has skipped a process step

A manufacturer of agricultural machinery wanted to enforce the execution of a critical calibration step which was sometimes overlooked. By keeping track of the calibration tool, SmartSpace could verify when it had been used in the workstation and prevent the line from pulsing forward until that task was complete.

A set of bolts is being fastened in the wrong sequence

A helicopter manufacturer wished to reduce warranty costs by ensuring that the bolts on the main gearbox housing were tightened in the right sequence. By keeping track of the torque tool, SmartSpace was able to determine which bolt was being fastened, disable the tool to prevent errors, and direct the worker to the correct bolt using an instructional display.

A product has been sent through steps in the wrong order

A manufacturer of space-qualified electronics wished to eliminate costly re-work caused by circuit boards being sent for coating before being inspected. By keeping track of the flow of WIP through process steps, SmartSpace was able to detect misrouted WIP and direct workers to skip the coating of uninspected parts.

Parts kits are staged in the wrong sequence

An aircraft engine maintenance facility wanted to avoid reassembly delays caused by incorrectly staged parts kits. By integrating with the reassembly schedule and keeping track of the kit carts. SmartSpace was able to help logistics staff synchronize with the fluid reassembly plan ensuring all kits were delivered in the right sequence.

A priority trailer is not at the front of the yard check-in queue

An automotive manufacturer running a very lean parts supply chain wished to avoid potential line stops by verifying that parts check-in expedites were being actioned properly. By keeping track of supplier trailers at the check-in gate, and integrating with the parts management system, SmartSpace was able to warn supervisors when a priority trailer was waiting some way back in the check-in queue.

Subassemblies are being built in the wrong sequence

An aircraft manufacture wanted to avoid fuselage build sequence errors at a supplier to better meet their final assembly schedule. By keeping track of the progress of fuselages through the supplier’s process, and integrating with the final assembly schedule, SmartSpace was able to predict delivery sequence errors and enable planning staff to reoptimize the build plan.

A materials picker has violated the FIFO buffer

A manufacturer of automotive body panels wished to eliminate bonding agent wastage by enforcing a FIFO buffer in the storage area. By keeping track of drums of bonding agent, SmartSpace was able to note the received date and warn workers if they were taking new stock when aging stock needed to be consumed first.

The planned task sequence does not optimize workstation utilization

A manufacturer of large agricultural equipment wished to improve efficiency in the repair department to accommodate a planned production increase. By monitoring workstation usage, keeping track of the flow of vehicles, and integrating with the quality defect database, SmartSpace was able to advise managers on the optimum sequence of tasks to ensure the highest possible throughput.

A product has repeated a process step

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate process stops caused by workers making repeated attempts at the wheel alignment station and causing a queue to form. By keeping track of the vehicles, SmartSpace was able to detect when a worker was circling back to enter the alignment station a second time, and instead direct them to a repair buffer using electronic signage.

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