Challenges we solve

Every manual process suffers from one or more of these five common challenges. Ubisense SmartSpace was built to solve these.

Things can’t be located or are in the wrong place

Two or more things are (or are not) interacting as they should be

There are too many or too few things in a certain place

A task has taken too long, or not long enough

Things are happening in the wrong order

Count Challenges

A WIP storage area contains too many products

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate repair buffer overcrowding which led to congestion and additional bodywork damage. By keeping track of the location of cars, SmartSpace was able to warn drivers when a buffer area was full, and direct them to the nearest available parking area.

A workstation is empty

A manufacturer of high value agricultural machinery needed to increase throughput by 20%, but lacked the extra capacity in their repair department. By monitoring workstation usage and helping supervisors keep them 100% utilized, SmartSpace not only helped achieve the throughput increase, but prevented the need to build extra workstations at significant expense.

A parts buffer is running low

An automotive manufacturer wanted to automate Kanban requests in order to minimize parts shortages. By keeping track of the number of empty parts totes placed on the return cart, SmartSpace was able to predict the optimum time for replenishment and trigger a request to the logistics group.

Safety items are missing from a hazardous work area

An aircraft maintenance facility wanted to eliminate safety hazards and failed audits by ensuring all the required safety carts were staged before bringing an aircraft into the hangar. By keeping track of all the safety equipment, SmartSpace was able to detect when insufficient carts were staged and warn workers, giving them the location of the closest available cart.

A WIP buffer is overflowing

A machine shop wanted to manage WIP build up which could occur at multiple places along the flexible assembly line. By keeping track of the amount of WIP in each buffer area SmartSpace could detect buffer overflow and direct temporary machinists to the right location to help clear backlog.

There are too many trucks awaiting yard check-in

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate local road congestion when too many parts trucks were queued at check-in. By keeping track of arriving trucks, and managing their electronic manifests, SmartSpace was able to automate check-in, eliminating the queue.

A workstation contains too few support stands

A manufacturer of large construction vehicles wanted to eliminate safety hazards caused by craning very large vehicles onto only three out of four support stands. By keeping track of the support stands, SmartSpace was able to detect when the full set was not in place and disable the crane drive in order to avoid tip-over accidents.

Not all fastenings have been completed for this part

A manufacturer of hydraulic pumps wanted to eliminate test failures because of unsecured hose fittings. By keeping track of the hose tightening tool, SmartSpace was able to verify the correct number of fastenings had been tightened before releasing the pump for testing.

All required staff are not present in a work area

A manufacturer of steel extrusions wanted to eliminate accidents by better enforcing safety rules. By keeping track of critical staff, SmartSpace was able to detect when a safety officer was not present for a dangerous lifting operation, and to automatically disable the crane until all required staff were present.

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