Challenges we solve

Every manual process suffers from one or more of these five common challenges. Ubisense SmartSpace was built to solve these.

Things can’t be located or are in the wrong place

Two or more things are (or are not) interacting as they should be

There are too many or too few things in a certain place

A task has taken too long, or not long enough

Things are happening in the wrong order

Interaction Challenges

A tool has the wrong settings for the product it’s working on

An automotive manufacturer wanted to create flexibility on the assembly line to accommodate the high degree of product variability, but also needed to maintain a very high quality standard using cordless tooling. By keeping track of both the tools and the cars, SmartSpace was able to detect which car the tool was working on and automatically download the correct settings from the MES.

A part is being fitted to the wrong product

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate build mistakes caused by workers picking the wrong part in a multi-purpose workstation. By identifying the vehicles entering the workstation, SmartSpace was able to determine the correct part based on build specification. By keeping track of the parts, SmartSpace could then detect when the wrong one was picked, alerting the worker on a lineside instructional display.

An uncertified worker is using a specialist tool

An aircraft maintenance company wanted to automate compliance checks to ensure that only certified workers operated certain specialized tools. By keeping track of both the technicians and the tools, SmartSpace was able to detect compliance errors before any work was started. In addition, this digital build record supported the company’s paperless hangar strategy.

An inspection tablet is at the wrong inspection task

An automotive manufacturer wished to eliminate paper from the plant and therefore adopted tablets to digitize inspection processes. By keeping track of both the tablets and the cars, SmartSpace was able to determine which inspection process was underway, anywhere in the plant. This enabled not only the delivery of context-sensitive inspection instructions, but prevented inspectors signing off on tasks not within their visual field of view.

A specialist tool is being used for the wrong product

An airport operator wished to eliminate the damage and safety hazards caused by using the wrong ground-equipment for each plane type. By keeping track of the equipment and the planes, and understanding how they should be matched, SmartSpace was able to detect incorrect equipment and warn workers before issues occurred.

A forklift is picking up the wrong pallet

A cross-dock facility wished to eliminate the time wasted at the loading dock when incorrect pallets were delivered. By keeping track of the location of forklifts and pallets, SmartSpace was able to warn drivers of an incorrect load pick-up and direct them to the correct load.

A crane hook is about to collide with a product

A manufacturer of agricultural equipment wanted to eliminate the damage caused by incorrectly stowed crane hooks when the line pulsed forwards and created impacts with products. By keeping track of the crane hooks and products, SmartSpace was able to detect an impending collision and disable the line drive in order prevent damage.

The wrong part is being placed in the kit tote

An aircraft engine maintenance company wanted to eliminate delays caused by incorrectly configured kits when reassembling engines. By keeping track of each kit cart and the thousands of parts required, SmartSpace was able to warn kitting operators of errors before the carts were moved back to the reassembly stations.

A person has infected another person

A healthcare provider wanted to test whether they could reduce contagions in a hospital environment. By keeping track of the location and interactions of staff, SmartSpace was able to trace back in time from a point of diagnosis to show every staff member who should be tested for possible contagion.

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