Don’t Judge a Tracking Technology by its Cover

2020-06-14T21:20:55+01:00June 11th, 2020|Contact-tracing, ROI/Value, Thought Leadership, Transformation|

Don’t judge a book by its cover we are told, but I’ll admit that I’ve bought more than one volume based on its cover art. Those books haven’t always provided a life-changing literary experience, but what the heck? It was only a $10 gamble. An investment in location intelligence to underpin a process digitization strategy is somewhat more than a $10 proposition and selecting the right tracking technology deserves more thought than a perusal

How to automate human tasks without creating robots

2020-06-01T12:08:41+01:00May 20th, 2020|Blogs, Contact-tracing, Industry Trends, Transformation|

As manufacturing facilities re-start around the world, it’s clear several efficient operating practices that are almost universally adopted will be somewhat reversed, certainly in the short-term, possibly longer. Take ‘just-in-time’ or lean manufacturing for example; made famous by Toyota and popular since the 70’s, manufacturers will need to rethink their supply chains to reduce exposure to potentially disruptive events.  As an opinion piece in the FT succinctly put it this weekend; more ‘just-in-case’ than