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Demo – Assembly Line Tool Control – Ubisense Virtual Conference 2023

In this session, Elif Kaya (Presales Solutions Consultant, Ubisense) speaks about “Assembly Line Tool Control”.

Tool Control

In this video you will learn about:

  • SmartSpace® and its real-time interface
  • Spatial properties and interactions between tools and different spaces
  • Spatial relationship data
  • The web browser interface
  • Flexible identification & Process event triggers
  • Configuring zones
  • Tool control features – zone-enabled tools, product spaces, counting rundowns of tightening, restricting usage
  • The advantages of SmartSpace over RFID solutions

Effective tool control helps to prevent lost or misplaced tools, reduce the risk of damage to tools, and increase overall efficiency and productivity. It also plays a critical role in maintaining quality control, as properly calibrated and maintained tools are essential for ensuring consistent and accurate results in manufacturing processes.

Some common methods of tool control in the auto industry include using tool tracking software, implementing tool check-out procedures, using color-coding and labeling systems to organize tools, and conducting regular inspections and maintenance.  SmartSpace® offers a more comprehensive and efficient option for modern tool control needs.

Presented Elif Kaya, Presales Solutions Consultant at Ubisense

Ubisense is a developer of real-time location systems that provide enterprise business automation services.