Unleashing Precision and Efficiency: Tool Control and SmartSpace Assembly

In the manufacturing industry, efficiency and precision are paramount. Traditional assembly lines often grapple with challenges posed by corded and mechanically tethered tools, resulting in quality issues, safety risks, inflexible workstations, and increased costs for reconfiguration. Ubisense’s SmartSpace Assembly solution, equipped with advanced Tool Control functionality, emerges as a game-changer, addressing these issues and providing a comprehensive solution for manufacturers, particularly in the automotive sector.

smartspace assembly

The Problems with Corded and Mechanically Tethered Tools:

  1. Quality Issues: Corded tools, commonly used in assembly lines, can inadvertently damage the product’s finish due to friction or accidental contact. This leads to marring and scratches on surfaces, affecting the overall quality and appearance of the final product.
  2. Safety Risks: Mechanically tethered tools pose significant safety risks, ranging from trip hazards to entanglement on moving assembly lines. The physical constraints of cords limit the freedom of movement for workers, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.
  3. Inflexible Workstations: Fixed workstations with tethered tools result in inflexible setups, limiting the time and operations available for workers. When product designs or assembly processes change, the fixed nature of workstations becomes a hindrance, necessitating costly reconfigurations.
  4. Additional Costs and Wasted Time: Reconfiguring fixed workstations incurs additional costs, not only in terms of equipment but also in the time required for manual product identification to configure correct tool settings. This manual process is prone to errors and contributes to overall production delays.

Ubisense’s SmartSpace Assembly Solution:

SmartSpace Assembly addresses these challenges by introducing a state-of-the-art Tool Control functionality. The key components of this solution include:

  1. High-performance Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Sensors: Installed on the assembly line, these sensors provide real-time tracking and precise location data, forming the foundation for efficient tool control.
  2. Rugged UWB Industrial Tags: Attached to products or carriers, these tags boast a remarkable 10-year battery life, ensuring longevity and reliability in the manufacturing environment.
  3. Integrated UWB Tool Tags: Designed for cordless assembly tools, these tags derive power directly from the devices, eliminating the need for separate power sources and enhancing mobility.
  4. Configurable 3D Tool Activation Zones: The software allows for the precise configuration of three-dimensional tool activation zones. This ensures that tools only operate when within the designated area, minimizing the risk of unintended activations and improving overall control.
  5. Reporting and Alerts: SmartSpace Assembly comes equipped with comprehensive reporting capabilities and alert systems, providing real-time insights into tool usage, productivity, and potential issues. This proactive approach enables swift response to any anomalies, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency.
  6. Integrations into Existing Systems: Seamless integration into existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and tool controllers streamlines the implementation process. This compatibility ensures that SmartSpace Assembly can be adopted without disrupting the existing technological infrastructure.

Typical Outcomes for Organizations, Especially Auto Manufacturers:

  1. Increased Productivity: By eliminating manual identification processes and preventing unnecessary line stops, SmartSpace Assembly significantly increases productivity. Workers can focus on their tasks without interruptions, leading to streamlined operations and faster assembly processes.
  2. Reduced Time-to-Market: The rapid line reconfiguration capability of SmartSpace Assembly allows manufacturers to adapt quickly to changes in product design or assembly processes. This agility reduces time-to-market, enabling companies to stay competitive in dynamic market conditions.
  3. Flexible Workstation Design: The Tool Control functionality enables the creation of flexible workstations with unlimited process triggers. This adaptability allows for efficient utilization of space and resources, optimizing the overall layout of the assembly line.
  4. Variable Length Workstations: SmartSpace Assembly supports variable length workstations, accommodating increased product variation and facilitating work-ahead/catch-up operations. This flexibility contributes to a more agile and responsive manufacturing environment.
  5. Reduction of Capital Expense: The ability to increase density with partially overlapping workstations reduces the need for extensive capital investments. SmartSpace Assembly optimizes resource utilization, leading to cost savings and improved return on investment.
  6. Increased Quality and Error-Proofing: The Tool Control functionality enhances quality by error-proofing tool operation. Only authorized tools within designated zones can be activated, minimizing the risk of mistakes and ensuring consistent and accurate assembly.
  7. Better Ergonomics and Reduced Safety Hazards: SmartSpace Assembly not only improves efficiency but also prioritizes worker safety and ergonomics. By eliminating trip hazards and providing a more fluid working environment, this solution contributes to a safer and more comfortable workplace.

SmartSpace Assembly – More than just Tool Control

SmartSpace Assembly offers a comprehensive set of features beyond Tool Control, contributing to an advanced and streamlined manufacturing environment. Here are some additional functionalities:

  1. Real-Time Asset Tracking: SmartSpace Assembly utilizes high-performance Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensors to provide real-time tracking of assets, including tools, products, and carriers. This feature enhances visibility and control over the entire manufacturing process.
  2. Dynamic Workstation Configuration: The system allows for dynamic and flexible workstation configurations. Manufacturers can easily adapt the layout of the assembly line to accommodate changes in product designs or assembly processes without significant downtime.
  3. Process Optimization and Triggering: SmartSpace Assembly enables precise configuration of three-dimensional tool activation zones. This capability extends beyond Tool Control and can be applied to trigger various processes, ensuring that operations are initiated only when necessary.
  4. Automated Reporting and Alerts: The solution includes robust reporting capabilities and alert systems. Manufacturers can access real-time insights into tool usage, productivity metrics, and potential issues. Automated alerts enable quick response to deviations, reducing downtime and optimizing efficiency.
  5. Integration with ERP and MES Systems: SmartSpace Assembly seamlessly integrates with existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems. This integration ensures a cohesive flow of information across the manufacturing ecosystem, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  6. Energy-Efficient UWB Industrial Tags: In addition to tool tags, SmartSpace Assembly features rugged UWB Industrial Tags with an impressive 10-year battery life. These tags can be attached to various assets, providing long-lasting and reliable tracking without frequent battery replacements.
  7. Enhanced Ergonomics and Safety: Beyond Tool Control, SmartSpace Assembly prioritizes worker ergonomics and safety. By eliminating corded tools and associated trip hazards, the solution contributes to a safer and more comfortable working environment.
  8. Online Repair and Rework Support: The system facilitates online repair and rework operations, allowing for swift adjustments to the manufacturing process. This capability enhances the overall quality control measures and supports efficient resolution of any issues that may arise during assembly.
  9. Support for Variable Length Workstations: SmartSpace Assembly supports variable-length workstations, enabling manufacturers to adapt to different production needs and product variations. This flexibility enhances the overall agility and responsiveness of the assembly line.
  10. Enhanced Quality Assurance: Through error-proofing tool operation and strict control over tool activation zones, SmartSpace Assembly contributes to increased quality assurance. Manufacturers can ensure consistent and accurate assembly, reducing the risk of errors and defects in the final product.


Ubisense’s SmartSpace Assembly Tool Control functionality emerges as a comprehensive solution for manufacturers, especially in the automotive sector. By addressing the limitations of corded and mechanically tethered tools, this technology not only enhances productivity and flexibility but also prioritizes worker safety and product quality. As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, SmartSpace Assembly positions itself as a key player in the quest for efficiency, agility, and innovation on the assembly line.