Improving Business Efficiency in an Aerospace MRO Environment

2020-09-02T16:28:55+01:00January 30th, 2020|SmartSpace Use-Cases, Thought Leadership|

INTRODUCTION In this series of Blogs, I explain how using digital process twins can revolutionize MRO efficiency. I discuss how the concept of the Digital Process Twin, having been perfected in assembly plants across aerospace and automotive manufacturing, is now being applied to MRO operations. The Internet of Things is a much-discussed topic, but people aren’t things, and nobody sells “smart, connected wing stands” so how do IoT concepts apply to MRO hangar

Aircraft Heavy Maintenance – Work Order Management

2020-09-02T16:28:13+01:00January 30th, 2020|SmartSpace Use-Cases|

INTRODUCTION Ubisense have been providing location solutions to many customers over the last 17 years. These solutions have been delivered with a mixture of hardware and software. The hardware - Dimension4™ - is Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and is the most accurate industrialised real time location solution (RTLS) available. Ubisense are now supporting many hundreds of thousands of tags and sensors deployed across many markets. The software - SmartSpace® - takes the data from any location solution, whether UWB, RFID, bluetooth, barcode, or

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