Ubisense, a leader in spatial awareness and precision real-time location systems, is today announcing the general availability of its new dual-technology tracking tag. The Dimension4™ RTK-Tag uses both Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and signal-corrected RTK-GPS to simultaneously track assets across both indoor and outdoor areas with up to 5cm accuracy, promising to revolutionize operations in industries such as mass transit and heavy manufacturing. 

In densely packed transit depots, knowing the real-time location and movement of vehicles across wide areas is a critical requirement to support digitization programs and can significantly improve daily operational performance and overall efficiency. 

The new RTK-Tag supports both Ubisense and third-party Transit Yard Management solutions that address common industry challenges such as space constraints, parking strategies that enable on-time dispatch, and the increasing complexity of maintenance and charging operations with the electrification of fleets. 

With this new device, Ubisense extends its leadership in indoor tracking capabilities which have been well established in the Transit Industry with multiple deployments globally. “The real-time location ultra-wide-band (UWB) technology from Ubisense is the key to our operational organisation; we couldn’t operate our network without this technology. It is the only truly suited technology for indoor and underground depot bus location. I strongly appreciate the competence and expertise of all involved Ubisense staff. Also, the quality of support and installation documentation is excellent. I’m looking forward to working with Ubisense on extending the solution to more of our depots.” TPF. 

Casey Riva, Technical Account Manager, Ubisense said “at Ubisense, we are proud to introduce our Dimension4™ RTK-GPS technology as part of our SmartSpace Transit solution. Our customers benefit from outstanding performance with minimal hardware requirements. Traditionally, covering outdoor transit and rail yards required numerous devices, cables, poles, and many sensors. Now, with our new RTK-GPS tags, we achieve superior performance using significantly fewer sensors that can be mounted on existing building infrastructure. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a compelling return on investment for both transit depots and rail yards.” 

The Dimension4 RTK-Tag has already been deployed at several sites in the US and UK. To discover more about how Ubisense technology is setting new standards in transit yard management, please visit Ubisense.com. 


About Ubisense 

Ubisense gives people and software systems intelligence about what’s actually happening in the real world by capturing the location, movement and interaction of things. We do this with industry-leading sensors and open software platform that business users can easily configure for planning, monitoring and controlling physical process flows. Headquartered in Cambridge UK, Ubisense operates globally with more than 1000 customers, transforming their physical space into SmartSpace®. For more information visit: https://ubisense.com/ 


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