Our precision location system operates in a variety of locations including wide-area outdoor spaces without requiring extensive infrastructure.

Ultra-Precise. Ultra-Reliable.

The Ubisense DIMENSION4 RTK-Tag is a multi-mode device designed for indoor and outdoor location of vehicles such as forklifts, buses and trains. It allows better-than bay-level location in real-time using a combination of ultra-wideband (UWB) and RTK (signal corrected) GPS in the same device.

Flexible Update Rates

The asset GPS update rate can be adjusted within a wide range to accommodate different vehicle power budgets, and can be automatically increased when vehicle motion is sensed using the in-built motion sensing switch. When outside the range of the local RTK-GPS base station, the tag powers down the GPS unit in order to minimise current drain on the vehicle battery.

Accurate UWB Location

The tag continuously transmits UWB radio pulses which can be used by the Ubisense location system to find its position with high accuracy (up to 30cm) in three dimensions. By using UWB, the system’s accuracy is maintained even in cluttered, multipath-rich indoor environments such as vehicle depots. A technician-replaceable internal battery maintains UWB tracking in a housekeeping mode (with multi-year lifetime) when the vehicle supply is disconnected for maintenance.

Base Unit

The tag incorporates an RTK-GPS unit for centimetre-level outdoor positioning. It receives standard GPS satellite signals and a correction stream from a local base station (sold separately) to achieve positioning accuracy up to 5cm in two dimensions. When an accurate GPS position is successfully determined, it relays the location data back to the Ubisense real-time location system using a 2.4GHz radio channel.

Simple Software Integration

Tag locations are forwarded by sensors in the location system to Ubisense SmartSpace software, providing real-time visibility of vehicle locations (indoors and outdoors) throughout the organisation.

rtk base station

What can you do with RTK-GPS?

Forklift Tracking

Find and track forklifts in real-time on an interactive map featuring automated alerts and configurable dashboards. 

Vehicle Location

Control parking, maintenance, and dispatch over wide areas as well as identify bottlenecks and and correct inefficiencies.

Material Handling

Directly control how materials move across large spaces at your facility. Ensure personnel are in the right place at the right time.

And much more…

There are many potential applications for RTK-GPS across a wide variety of industries. Please contact Ubisense for more information.

Works in the Real World

Ubisense has thrown everything we know about UWB at DIMENSION4. Not just to make it technically unparalleled, but to make sure it works where you need it.

DIMENSION4 is consistently chosen by people that need it to work in the real-world, even in highly complex environments with certainty of location data, 24/7 for critical processes.

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