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Digital Twins and RTLS: A Year in Review


It has been an interesting year for RTLS (Real-time location Systems) and digital twin technology. After prolonged lockdowns and disruption to global supply chains, 2022 has been a resurgent year for many industrial technologies, and the advantages of these technologies are becoming more apparent. As many manufacturing, logistics, and mass transit companies struggle from worker shortages and tighter deadlines, savvy managers are looking for tech solutions that can ease the burden. And the growth

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Role of Location Tracking Technology in Industrial Worker Safety


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a staggering 4764 individuals lost their lives in 2020 due to fatal occupational injuries. While making an industrial environment risk-free is impossible, using Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) ensures workers are safer and employers have a better emergency response plan. Below, we take a look at how location-tracking technology facilitates industrial worker safety. Industrial Emergency Response Management In June 2020, a fire gutted an online sales warehouse in

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Transit Yard Management in the Digital Age: The Ubisense Solution


At a time where mass transit systems are facing the burden of under-investment, increased congestion, and pressure to be green, many are operating under out-of-date models. “Clipboard and pen” methods of transit yard management need to be updated to create more comfortable working environments and a better service for passengers in a more complex working environment. This is all achievable when using a tried and tested Transit Management RTLS (Real-time Location System). New

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) | What You Need to Know in 2023


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a hot topic within business communities, but few people are fully up-to-speed. Industrial journalists struggle to keep up with the trends as Industry 4.0 proliferates, and technological innovations come thick and fast. Throw in a lingering pandemic, a global chip shortage, and the war in Ukraine, and things get even murkier. To clarify the state of IIoT heading in 2023, this article will break down some

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Top 5 RTLS predictions in 2023


As we approach 2023, we take a brief moment to reflect on the key trends we anticipate in real-time location systems (RTLS) in the year ahead. 1. The need for real-time location of people will be around for a while Let us address this first.  Unfortunately, the pandemic is not yet completely over and COVID-19 - and infectious respiratory diseases in general - are increasingly likely to be something we will need

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