Ubisense launches new UB-Tag™ with simultaneous UWB and BLE tracking capability

  • Simultaneous Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and BLE tracking in a single tag to significantly improve flexibility and ROI
  • The tag is small, durable and designed for industrial applications, with a more than 10-year battery lifetime

Cambridge, UK, 8 June 2021: Organisations often find it difficult to achieve a cost-effective balance between delivering sufficient performance and providing site-wide coverage when deploying high-performance real-time tracking technologies. The new UB-Tag™ from Ubisense is the solution to this problem, thanks to its ability to simultaneously transmit both ultra-wideband (UWB) and BLE signals in a single lightweight, rugged device.

Many organisations choose to deploy UWB and BLE technologies in different parts of their facilities, for instance relying on UWB tracking for mission-critical applications that need high accuracy for quality, safety and error-proofing processes, and using lower-cost-per-asset BLE tracking where a higher number of objects must be monitored with lower fidelity.

Andy Ward, CTO at Ubisense, said: “The development of our UB-Tag follows extensive consultation with our customers. We wanted to deliver a new solution that enables them to safely monitor and track their objects everywhere across their sites, allowing them to deploy both UWB and BLE infrastructure to achieve cost-effective tracking, without needing to attach multiple tags to objects. We can now offer organisations much more flexibility and simplicity, with one tag that suits all environments and which works with whatever tracking infrastructure is nearby.”

The new UB-Tag is the smallest Ubisense tag launched to date, weighing just 21g (0.7 oz), and offers 12-year battery lifetime assuming a continuous 1Hz UWB tracking update rate. The in-built BLE radio transmits standard iBeacon and Eddystone format packets, as well as proprietary Quuppa-compatible BLE positioning packets. The tag has the usual Ubisense durability features with IP69K ingress protection and broad operating temperature range, and is designed to withstand deployment in harsh industrial environments.

Steven Manifold, CMO at Ubisense, said “With the new UB-Tag, we took an opportunity to help organisations make important savings in deploying Real-Time Location Systems while retaining high performance levels and providing more deployment flexibility.” Manifold added, “Coupled with the release of the Ubisense Omni sensor last year – meaning that typical UWB deployments require up to 30% fewer sensors – we’re confident we can dramatically improve ROI and open up new, previously cost-prohibitive use cases.”

The UB-Tag is generally available in Europe and release is planned in the US and Canada in summer 2021. To find out more about the UB-Tag, visit Ubisense.com.

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