UBISENSE and ART partner to deliver millimeter-level location systems for the control of tool operations in critical assembly processes.

23 June, 2021, Cambridge, England and Weilheim, Germany – UBISENSE, the leading Location Intelligence platform provider, and Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART), leading in Optical Tracking Systems, today announce their strategic partnership to provide sequence control solutions for assembly processes.

The combination of Ubisense ultra-wideband (UWB) location sensors and SmartSpace® software platform, together with the ART VERPOSE® camera-based vision system, can precisely locate assembly tools to within millimeters and distinguish between adjacent fasteners.

Hand-held assembly devices equipped with the system can automatically identify which products (or parts-of products) are being worked on, determine the required tightening sequence and automatically enable the tool for use, error-proofing the operation and keeping a digital audit for future reference.

“The Ubisense location technology perfectly complements the ART VERPOSE® camera-based vision system, enabling manufacturers to improve quality, streamline training and save time on the assembly line” said Robert Bücher, ART Business Development Manager VERPOSE®.

Tools are equipped with an integrated Ubisense UWB tag that can locate to within 30cm in a designated workstation and determine proximity to automatically identified products.  The VERPOSE camera is also mounted on the tool and uses intelligent image analysis software to detect predefined assembly positions and sequences.

Scott Mullarkey, Executive Vice President Global Sales at Ubisense, commented “the teams at ART and Ubisense have worked closely together to seamlessly combine the benefits of two technologies to provide reliable, ‘bolt-level’ accuracy. The partnership opens up many new dimensions of high-quality tool tracking applications in automotive and adjacent markets.”

For more information: ubisense.com/vehicle-assembly/#sequence-control or ar-tracking.com/en/product-program/products-connection-software-verpose

About Ubisense

Ubisense gives software systems intelligence about what’s actually happening in the real world by capturing the location, movement and interaction of things. We do this with industry-leading sensors and an open software platform that business users can easily configure for planning, monitoring and controlling physical process flows.  Headquartered in Cambridge UK, Ubisense operates globally with more than 1000 customers, transforming their physical space into SmartSpace®.

For more information visit: https://ubisense.com/

About ART

Since 1999, ART is one of the leading manufacturers of optical tracking systems in the high-end class for virtual and augmented reality. With new approaches in optics and image processing, we improved our skills in highly sophisticated and intelligent solutions for object detection and localization. Our solutions CAPTA and VERPOSE® were the resulting solutions and ART’s supplemental business fields. Based in the city of Weilheim, Germany, ART produces both marker-based and markerless tracking solutions for global clients in automotive and aerospace industries, research institutes and universities.

For more information visit: https://ar-tracking.com

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