SmartSpace® WIP Tracker – Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency and Flexibility with Ubisense’s Real-Time Tracking Solution

Manufacturing companies face many challenges in optimizing their production processes, particularly in non-linear or highly variable manufacturing environments. Ubisense is addressing these challenges with its cutting-edge solution, SmartSpace® WIP Tracker. This real-time tracking system is designed to enhance materials workflow and increase flexible manufacturing capability, helping organizations overcome critical process data gaps and operational blind spots.

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The Challenge of WIP Tracking:

Non-linear or cell manufacturing processes often present difficulties in monitoring, especially when dealing with smaller volumes of products moving through multiple stations. Ubisense SmartSpace WIP Tracker addresses several challenges faced by there production lines:

  • Inefficient workflow monitoring
  • Inefficient resource management
  • Outdated and inaccurate production data
  • Build-up of production bottlenecks
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Poor productivity
  • High unplanned costs

Identifying the Issues:

Low productivity in non-linear production processes can stem from various factors that are often challenging to pinpoint. These factors include:

  • High inventory to support mixed production batches
  • Underutilized resources due to incorrect product, people, or tool availability
  • Wasted time searching for lost, forgotten, and aging work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Bottlenecks and congestion causing quality and throughput issues

Uncovering Hidden Data:

SmartSpace WIP Tracker is a solution that optimize the flow of materials and sub-assemblies. By leveraging real-time information, the system makes even the most complex processes visible, measurable, and controllable at scale. Some key features include:

  • Configurable business rules using real-time asset location and status
  • Dashboards to measure utilization over time and optimize resource levels
  • Elimination of manufacturing errors and maintenance of up-to-date production systems

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Ubisense Solution Overview:

Ubisense SmartSpace WIP Tracker automates non-linear production processes through easily configurable business rules. The system visualizes and measures the real-time status, movement, sequence, and interaction of WIP to enhance productivity, quality, and safety. Pre-configured functionality includes:

  • High-performance location sensors and tags for indoor and outdoor areas
  • A digital map of facilities for real-time searches of WIP across the site
  • Graphical reports showing process flow, operational status, and performance
  • Seamless integration into existing business planning systems
  • Automatic detection and customizable alerts for aging WIP, process overruns, and work zone errors

Benefits of SmartSpace WIP Tracker:

Working with leading manufacturers globally, Ubisense helps organizations achieve significant outcomes, including:

  • Improved throughput leading to a reduction in WIP inventory
  • Enhanced order-to-delivery time resulting in a reduction in labor costs
  • Improved resource utilization leading to a reduction in necessary floor space and lower capital costs

Client Success Story: Lockheed Martin, United States:

Lockheed Martin faced production challenges due to the inability to locate and monitor expensive tools, parts, and test equipment across a large site. By implementing Ubisense WIP Tracker, the company achieved reduced costs and enhanced equipment and space utilization, enabling them to meet production and delivery targets efficiently. You can learn ore about this case study here.

In conclusion, SmartSpace® WIP Tracker by Ubisense is a game-changer for organizations seeking to optimize their non-linear manufacturing processes. By providing real-time visibility and control, the system empowers companies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency in their dynamic manufacturing environments.