Smart Manufacturing, Smart Outdoors: A Closer Look at Ubisense’s SmartSpace Yard

In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing, the optimization of outdoor spaces has emerged as a critical frontier for industry leaders seeking to enhance efficiency and stay competitive. The challenges of managing assets stored in outdoor environments, often characterized by sprawling yards and complex logistics, have long been a pain point for manufacturers. However, with the advent of innovative solutions like Ubisense’s SmartSpace Yard, the paradigm is shifting, bringing a new era of precision and control to outdoor manufacturing spaces.

The Outdoor Conundrum

Manufacturers grapple with a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing assets in outdoor spaces. Traditional methods relying on manual tracking, paper-based systems, or basic RFID technology often fall short in providing real-time visibility and accurate data. The expansive nature of outdoor yards, combined with the ever-increasing complexity of supply chains, exacerbates these difficulties.

Asset misplacement, inefficient use of space, and delays in locating critical components all contribute to a domino effect that hampers production schedules and increases operational costs. In a world where speed and accuracy are paramount, manufacturers recognize the urgent need for a transformative solution that addresses these pain points head-on.

Enter SmartSpace Yard

Ubisense’s SmartSpace Yard represents a game-changing leap forward in the realm of outdoor asset management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, this real-time location systems (RTLS), with its advanced Dimension4 sensors, and powerful data analytics capabilities, can provide manufacturers with unprecedented control and visibility over their outdoor spaces.

  1. Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

At the heart of SmartSpace Yard is its sophisticated RTLS, a technology that enables the continuous tracking and monitoring of assets in real time. Unlike traditional tracking methods that rely on periodic scans or manual checks, RTLS provides a live, dynamic view of asset locations. This real-time information empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions instantaneously, reducing the risk of delays and improving overall operational efficiency.

  1. Advanced Sensors for Precision

SmartSpace Yard goes beyond basic RFID or Bluetooth technology by incorporating advanced UWB sensors that enhance precision, accuracy, and reliability. These sensors can detect and relay crucial information about the condition and status of assets, ensuring that manufacturers not only know where their assets are but also their state. Whether it’s monitoring temperature-sensitive materials or identifying potential maintenance needs, the advanced sensor capabilities of SmartSpace add a layer of intelligence that is indispensable in the modern manufacturing landscape.

  1. Powerful Data Analytics

In the age of data-driven decision-making, SmartSpace Yard doesn’t just stop at providing real-time information; it also equips manufacturers with robust analytics tools. The system collects and analyzes data on asset movements, utilization patterns, and historical trends. This valuable insight enables manufacturers to optimize their outdoor spaces proactively, identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing and Logistics Processes

The implementation of SmartSpace Yard translates into tangible benefits for manufacturers seeking to streamline their operations. By addressing the challenges associated with outdoor asset management, this innovative solution contributes to:

  1. Improved Efficiency

SmartSpace Yard’s real-time tracking and advanced sensor capabilities significantly reduce the time spent searching for assets. Manufacturers can seamlessly orchestrate the movement of materials, optimize storage space, and minimize the risk of errors, resulting in a leaner and more efficient workflow.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

With precise and timely information at their fingertips, manufacturing teams can make data-driven decisions, leading to enhanced productivity. Whether it’s expediting the retrieval of components for production or optimizing the staging of materials, SmartSpace Yard empowers teams to work smarter and more productively.

  1. Cost Reduction

The optimization of outdoor spaces through SmartSpace Yard translates into tangible cost savings. By minimizing the risk of asset loss, reducing manual labour associated with tracking, and enabling better space utilization, manufacturers can experience a significant reduction in operational costs.

Ubisense’s Dimension4™ Technology: Precision Redefined

At the core of SmartSpace Yard’s exceptional capabilities lies Ubisense’s Dimension 4 technology, a groundbreaking advancement that redefines precision in outdoor asset management. Dimension4 seamlessly integrates Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Real-Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (RTK-GPS) technologies, marking a significant leap forward in the accuracy and efficiency of yard management.

  1. Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

UWB technology, with its ability to provide highly accurate location data in real time, forms a key component of Dimension4. Unlike traditional tracking systems that may struggle with accuracy in outdoor environments, UWB ensures pinpoint precision even in challenging conditions. This technology excels at providing precise location information, allowing manufacturers to track assets with unparalleled accuracy within their outdoor spaces.

  1. Real-Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (RTK-GPS)

The integration of RTK-GPS technology further enhances SmartSpace Yard’s precision by utilizing satellite-based positioning with millimetre-level accuracy. By combining UWB and RTK-GPS, Dimension4 ensures that manufacturers have access to reliable, real-time location data, eliminating the margin of error associated with traditional yard management systems.

Seamless Integration: Extending Indoor Tracking Solutions Outdoors

One of the remarkable features of SmartSpace Yard is its seamless integration of UWB and RTK-GPS technologies, making yard management an easy extension of indoor tracking solutions. While indoor tracking has become commonplace in modern manufacturing facilities, the challenge has always been bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor tracking systems. SmartSpace Yard’s Dimension4 technology not only bridges this gap but elevates precision to new heights.

  1. Overcoming Outdoor Challenges

Outdoor environments present unique challenges, from varying weather conditions to expansive spaces. SmartSpace Yard’s seamless integration addresses these challenges by ensuring that the precision and reliability experienced indoors extend seamlessly to outdoor spaces, and data gathered from varying types of radio signals is blended and connected accurately. Manufacturers no longer have to grapple with the limitations of traditional tracking systems when managing assets in the open air.

  1. Precision for Every Asset

Whether tracking large machinery, containers, or smaller components, Dimension4 provides the level of precision required for diverse assets. This ensures that manufacturers can maintain an accurate inventory of their outdoor assets, preventing loss, optimizing storage, and facilitating smooth logistics operations.

The Significance of Precision in Yard Management

The precision achieved through Dimension4 is not just a technological feat; it holds profound implications for manufacturing and logistics processes. The importance of precision in yard management cannot be overstated:

  1. Error Reduction

The high precision offered by SmartSpace Yard drastically reduces the likelihood of errors in asset tracking. Manufacturers can confidently rely on accurate location data, eliminating the risk of misplaced or lost assets and, consequently, avoiding disruptions to production schedules.

  1. Optimal Space Utilization

Precision in yard management translates into optimal space utilization. Manufacturers can maximize the use of available outdoor space, reducing congestion, and ensuring that each square meter contributes efficiently to the overall workflow. This, in turn, leads to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

  1. Future-Proofing Operations

As manufacturing processes evolve and become increasingly complex, the need for precise yard management becomes a cornerstone of future-proofing operations. SmartSpace not only meets current requirements but also positions manufacturers to adapt seamlessly to evolving industry demands.

In conclusion, the integration of UWB and RTK-GPS technologies in Ubisense’s SmartSpace Yard, using Dimension4 sensors and tags, marks a watershed moment in the realm of yard management. By overcoming the challenges posed by outdoor environments and seamlessly extending the precision of indoor tracking solutions, Dimension4 ensures that manufacturers can navigate the complexities of their outdoor spaces with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. As Smart Manufacturing continues to advance, the precision offered by SmartSpace Yard becomes a strategic advantage for manufacturers aiming not only to meet current challenges but to excel in a future where precision is paramount.