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Ubisense works with partners to extend into geographic markets, add valuable expertise in specific industry segments, and augment our location system with complementary sensor technology. If you would like to become a Ubisense partner, contact us today.

Interested in becoming a Ubisense partner?

Ubisense Partner Programme

Why join the Ubisense Partner Program?

The Ubisense Partner Program is a hub of people, resources, and offerings brought together to give you everything you need to build and deliver successful real-time location solutions for your customers.

Competitive Margins

Register deals and benefit from partner pricing and competitive margins on Ubisense products and solutions

Exclusive Resources

Access to exclusive resources, material, and tools in our Partner Portal to train your teams, build custom solutions, and connect with customers.

Unparalleled Expertise

Benefit from 20 years of Ubisense experience deploying real-time location solutions globally. Our team, including the original four founders, are on hand to advise for any customer scenario.


​Access to co-marketing resources and material to help you generate awareness for your location solutions and feature in the Ubisense Partner Locator

Open Integrations

Build re-usable integrations with Ubisense sensor hardware and open software platform, including direct access to open APIs to custom build solutions

Application Development

Use the SmartSpace low-code development platform to quickly create value-add solutions without needing teams of coders​.

Access Partner Resources

Ubisense provides dedicated resources for approved partners to help with the marketing, sales, implementation and support of real-time location solutions. Contact your Ubisense partner manager to access exclusive training material, co-branding assets and documentation. Request access here.

Partnership Options

What type of Ubisense partner are you?

A referral partner provides sales qualified leads in return for a fee once the opportunity is sold. Ubisense is responsible for ultimate sale, delivery and support of the project.


  • Easy to get started and minimal training required
  • Access to marketing collateral to help identify leads
  • Online lead registration platform with live progress dashboards
  • Access to business connections and networking opportunities
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved return on investment for all parties.
  • Improved client retention

A service and support partner delivers end customer support services (implementation, configuration, support). Ubisnese will likely identify and negotiate the close of the opportunity, and the partner is responsible for post-sales.


  • Training provided by Ubisense
  • Requires certification in Ubisense technology
  • Partner must have sufficient resources to meet client service level agreements for the region in which they operate


  • Ubisense tech support
  • Instant access to training material
  • Demos and proof of concept
  • Non-technical pre-sales support

A consulting partner delivers access to new customers, offer market knowledge, and help Ubisense gain access to RFQ/RFP. Ubisense will support consulting partners on a technical level, in deciding and advising on the appropriate RTLS and automation solution.


  • Integration and presentation of RTLS technologies to partners
  • Integration of partner’s technology with Ubisense’s latest technical developments
  • Network expansion with manufacturing experts
  • Marketing and sales promotions
  • Integrative partnerships

A strategic partner enters into a long-term agreement with Ubisense, commiting to market, sell, deliver and support end-to-end Ubisense solutions, typically into a geography or vertical specific market.


  • Requires training in Ubisense solutions
  • Includes revenue commitments in return for highly competitive margins on Ubisense products
  • May include exclusive rights or access to specified markets


  • Increase technical expertise
  • Decrease cost-per-acquisition
  • Provide incremental lift to sales and revenue
  • Create steady streams of income

A systems integrator partner uses Ubisense solutions to add and extend the value of existing offerings, or create entirely new offerings based on Ubisense technology.


  • Requires training in Ubisense solutions


  • Access to open APIs and technical resources to bulid solutions
  • May include co-marketing and selling into defined segments
  • Revenue growth and monetization opportunities
  • Business and technology expertise
  • Ability to leverage Ubisense strategic alliances

A technology partner adds to the Ubisense offering to unlock new/additional revenue streams with unique or differentiated products. Examples may include complimentary location or identification data technology, or cloud services.


  • Integrations into Ubisense offerings
  • Joint sales and marketing activity
  • Attractive margins to re-sell Ubisense products
  • IT support

A value added reseller (VAR) partner is able to sell Ubisense solutions directly to end customers and the VAR receives attractive margins. May be sold with or without Ubisense delivery and support.


  • Requires training on Ubisense products


  • Ability to add complimentary services and products to increase value to clients
  • Attractive margins on Ubisense products


The Ubisense go-to-market strategy and SmartSpace platform are easy to align to Collinear Group’s solutions delivery approach in the Aerospace Industry. The mature platform and RTLS technology are a good fit with what we are looking to accomplish with our manufacturing customers.

David Prestin - Digital Manufacturing Business Unit Leader, Collinear Group

FLEXWARE Innovation

“Flexware was looking for a market leader in RTLS to partner with to create holistic, integrated manufacturing solutions. Ubisense was the perfect fit with their agnostic platform, advanced SmartSpace software, and awesome team members. Ubisense came alongside Flexware as we stood up a demo system in our headquarters, providing continuous training and support while we learned how to implement, and integrate with, the system. They continue to stand beside us on sales calls and customer events, and we cannot imagine a better partner as we help our customers take the next step on their digital transformation journeys.”

Brice Bucher - Senior Systems Integration Manager, Flexware Innovation, Inc.
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