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Why IoT Won’t Revolutionize the Manual Assembly Line

The Internet of Things is potentially revolutionary for many industries but will it revolutionize manual assembly?

In this presentation Adrian Jennings argues that the overwhelming majority of manual workflow in the assembly plant means that OEMs will need to look beyond IoT for full digital process connectivity. Mr. Jennings will describe how to augment IoT to reach those manual processes and how manufacturers are leveraging that connectivity to create new ways of operating. He will highlight several real-world examples where manual-process digitization is being deployed and the huge benefits OEMs enjoy even prior to IoT adoption

Adrian Jennings

Presented by Adrian Jennings, Chief Product Advocate at Ubisense

Adrian’s role as a spokesperson for Ubisense takes him all over the world, working with all sorts of organizations, accelerating the adoption of SmartSpace to transform processes. Adrian is a recovering rocket scientist, and as designated UK intelligence expert spent three years as a missile consultant with the US Department of Defence. He received a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University and now finds himself bemusedly working for a Cambridge company.