On-demand Webinar

Location technology in action: Lessons from manufacturing leaders

In this webinar, industry leaders present their experiences of improving business processes using spatial intelligence. Listen to real-world examples of solving today’s manufacturing challenges and the future potential for process improvement.

In this webinar:

  • Richard Hell from Oliver Wyman
  • Wolfgang Fuchs from Mercedes-Benz, AG
  • Lauren DiBlasi from Collins Aerospace
  • Rick Paulson from Metro Transit
  • Edmondo Rodrìguez from Stellantis
  • Clare Colhoun, Andy Ward, Jon Heathcote from Ubisense
Steven Manifold

Presented by Steven Manifold, Chief Marketing Officer at Ubisense

Steven Manifold is Chief Marketing Officer of Ubisense. Twenty years of marketing experience at both the bluest of blue chips and high growth SaaS companies has taught him that people value one thing; frictionless engagement with companies. If you want to know more about Ubisense, the markets we operate in or the challenges we can solve, just email him directly: [email protected]