On-demand Webinar

Location technology in action: Metro Transit

On-demand recording of the Ubisense Location Technology in Action event, first aired 16 November 2021. Listen to Rick Paulson, Business Systems Analyst at Metro Transit, discussing “SmartSpace® at Metro Transit”.

Key points:

  • Discover how RTLS helps maintenance, dispatch and operations with seamless and efficient processes
  • Learn Transit Management eliminates waste and provide accurate positioning
  • Hear what enhancements and additions have been added to improve the tracking of transit vehicles

Presented by Rick Paulson, Business Systems Analyst at Metro Transit

Rick has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sector. He specialises in implementing and maintaining system applications, CAD/AVL implementation and customer management to transit authorities. With a background in electronics, he utilises critical thinking to solve problems with today’s technology.