[2021 Report] A Lost Year for IoT in Manufacturing: the hard work begins now

Discover how the past year was a missed opportunity for IoT adoption, the – still valid and significant – benefits that have been missed, and why there is still time to reignite IoT in manufacturing.

IoT Report

“By presenting IoT as a proven and bespoke asset, rather than a hypothetical buzzword, not only can the market revive its appeal after a lost year, but manufacturers can soon begin reaping the value from it that they so desperately need after an equally difficult 12 months.”

Arlington Research

On behalf of Ubisense, Arlington Research conducted an online survey in the UK, the USA, France and Germany, among a total respondent base of 300 respondents, all working as middle managers, directors or a higher level in their organisation.
All respondents work in business transformation, operations, logistics, quality or IT connected to the manufacturing or assembly process in organisations.

In this report:

  • A lost year for IoT: re-examining the value
  • The path to begin your IoT journey and benefits from those that already started
  • Benchmark your adoption with other manufacturers

About Ubisense

How we help you turn vision into reality:

  • Keep traditional ERP and MES planning systems up-to-date with real-time location data
  • Monitor and control complex moving processes in line with your plan
  • Track and locate critical assets
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