Dear Customers,

Given that the World Health Organisation recently classified COVID-19 as a pandemic, we have prepared the below information to help answer any questions you may have concerning our ability to continue to meet your business needs as they pertain to our products and services. Ubisense remains committed to keeping its employees safe and its customers supported.

We have established a cross-functional COVID-19 response team within senior management to continually assess and plan for the impact of the global pandemic and to protect employee health and wellbeing and that of our customers and partners. We appreciate that the impact of COVID-19 may cause strain on your business and we want you to lean on us and our inherent flexibility and willingness to support you at this time. We are a nimble and responsive team and all of our front-line staff have direct access to the Executive Team to turn around quick decisions that can help you in any way.

Our COVID-19 response plan comprises four strands: protecting our employees, protecting our customers and engaging closely with you to ensure flexibility in our response to your particular needs, constant risk monitoring and response planning to ensure business continuity, and close collaboration throughout our supply chain.

1. Protecting our Employees

The health and safety of our global employees is our top priority. We are closely following Government and WHO guidelines as we continuously assess and update our policies.  We have taken the following measures in regard to our people.

Ubisense has suspended all non-essential business travel and has mandated video conferencing rather than travelling to and from offices for internal meetings. Ubisense teams are familiar with remote working and are equipped with the appropriate equipment and access to our networks and systems. Our IT systems are designed to suit a remote work force, and indeed digital collaboration is already at the heart of our business operations. Ubisense policies guide our staff whilst ensuring confidentiality and data protection when they are working remotely.  Employees are reminded to take on board the latest health guidelines regarding handwashing and all other pertinent protocols and we are of course providing and encouraging the use of hand sanitiser in Ubisense offices.

Ubisense has withdrawn from all physical conferences and marketing events until further notice.

2.Protecting you, our customers, and listening and responding to your needs

We are keen to ensure that we listen carefully to our customers at this time and that we align with your policies as they pertain to how we deliver services to you. To that end, we are encouraging our Account Managers to proactively reach out to you and ensure we are responsive to your needs. Should it become impractical or undesirable to travel to meet face to face, then we would welcome the use of video conferencing.

Many of our customers are running production plants that are the backbone of our economies and we are committed to playing our part in being flexible in supporting the same. Our ability to support you, our customers, remotely based on individual SLA agreements will not be impacted by possible limitations concerning travel or access to certain areas. Our processes will remain stable, even if part of or all our team members are required to work from home. The same is true for any project-related work for our customers, as far as this can be achieved remotely.

3.Ensuring business continuity through risk monitoring and risk planning

Ubisense will continue to closely monitor the changing situation and, as an agile organisation, is well positioned  to make real-time decisions necessary to implement further measures to support employees, customers and stakeholders. The Executive Team appreciates the commitment, support and guidance of our investors, Investcorp, as we lead the business and remain prepared for the possible impact of COVID- 19.  As a leading global manager of alternative investments for over four decades, Investcorp has learned from every market cycle and brings its experience to bear on our business.

4.Collaboration throughout our supply chain

We always work in concert with our component supply chain, manufacturing and logistics partners but now more than ever we are communicating closely and planning for appropriate inventory levels of our sensor hardware across our geographic markets to ensure availability and timely delivery of equipment for customers.

We are confident in our business continuity plan and our ability to continue to provide you, our valued customers, with the support you need. Please lean on us as your partner at this time and be assured that we will leave no stone unturned in our commitment to you.

Clare Colhoun, CEO Ubisense