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Ubisense is exhibiting at PNAA’s 18th Annual Aerospace Conference, attended by more than 600 delegates from over 350 companies around the world. On the opening day, Ubsiense’s Adrian Jennings will be a guest speaker on a panel focus on pioneering productivity across the industry.

The 2019 conference examines the latest developments in next-generation affordability and productivity that can deliver competitive advantage, enabling businesses to step up to requirements on quality, delivery and cost while simultaneously strengthening capabilities and growth potential.

The Pacific Northwest is home to one of the most robust and dynamic aerospace clusters in the world. For 100 years, their aerospace industry has centered around Boeing. Today, with more than 80,000 Boeing employees and thousands more from companies around the region, the Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of aerospace innovation when it comes to cutting edge aerospace composites, avionics, and alternative fuels.