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Ubisense will be exhibiting at Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference Americas 2020 at stand E37, with a range of exciting new demonstrations that showcase how its IoT platform SmartSpace works in a range of manufacturing environments. The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the world’s only event to address the key issues relating to the development of IT and it’s key use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations.It provides a one-stop solutions for airlines, aircraft operators and Independent MROs, in just 2 days to discover more about how new technology can streamline and increase their operating efficiency as well as reduce costs dramatically

SmartSpace is a modular software platform that manages real-time location and identification data from multiple sources to support industrial scale mission critical visibility and control applications. SmartSpace closes a fundamental data-gap between production systems and real-world physical activities which cannot be connected to the enterprise LAN. Using location as an accurate context cue, SmartSpace literally plugs-in to the movements and interactions of real-world objects, creating a real-time digital twin of all untethered production activity. By connecting people and systems to this production reality, SmartSpace can be used to monitor, control and optimise process for increased quality, productivity and flexibility.

There will be several interactive demonstrations on our stand and our team of experts will be available to discuss the challenges you face.

Ubisense Presentation at the Exhibition: “The Digital Twin in an MRO world: Why location is important by Hugh Revie

Imagine an environment where all employees know where everything is – what is currently being worked and what is next to be worked. All tasks, tools, material, and people are managed effectively to help provide a significant improvement to the efficiency of the MRO process. With ever-increasing amounts of data being captured, the technology is now available to utilise this data to the benefit of the MRO organisation.

Ubisense have developed a highly accurate and industrially proven indoor location hardware solution that works efficiently with most other location technologies including bluetooth, RFID, barcodes, GPS etc. The software platform, SmartSpace takes input from any location technology and translates the input to create a valuable digital representation of the MRO facility as it is working and enables reports to be created to help analyse and continually improve the MRO operation.

During this presentation, it will be shown how companies have been able to improve their efficiency by more than 20% by using this technology. In an MRO environment, this improvement equates to a significant financial benefit.

You will hear success use cases from aerospace and other industries including manufacturing, logistics, entertainment etc, where the same technology is used to drive efficiencies during manufacture and during aftermarket.

The world’s leading brands rely on Ubisense to optimize their operations and deliver quality on schedule. Want to know why? Make sure you visit us at Stand E37 to find out more.

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